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Big bad bike ride offer

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Big bad bike ride offer

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Big bad bike ride offer

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Big bad bike ride offer

Get your bike serviced at the BBBR special rate!
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The use of is by far the best way to raise funds for the charity. Last year, 95% of the riders used JustGiving. It not only makes it easier to collect sponsorship, but has the added benefit of securing an extra 25% in donations from donors who pay UK tax.

This year we are going to automatically create a JustGiving page for everyone when they register. You can either use the page, alter the page (by perhaps adding a photo of yourself) or simply ignore the page.

It does mean that if you collect any cash or cheques (made out to yourself) you can pay in directly to your own page and the charity gets an extra 25%.

I urge everybody to try to use the JustGiving page as it cuts down on our administration and creates secure funds for the charity.

We are trying to create a unique BBBR JustGiving link where sponsors can easily access, then choose the rider they wish to sponsor.

If you prefer, you can always use our traditional sponsorship form.

We have updated this form as it is vitally important that sponsors' names, addresses and postcodes are very clearly identified or it is impossible for the charity to claim gift aid.

I remind everyone that by registering for the ride they make a pledge to raise a minimum of £100.